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God's Missionary Church

Duncannon GMC

God’s Missionary Church of Duncannon is a Holiness Church in central Pennsylvania. We exist to nurture the Christian family, faithfully preach the whole counsel of God, and serve our community in love

Our Beliefs

Pastor Jeremy Fuller at IHC

We are Wesleyan-Arminian in theology. The doctrinal foundation of our church is the Bible and runs deep into the 18th century. God raised up a man named John Wesley to save the Church from apostasy and to spare England from a revolution. In 1771, Mr. Wesley sent a 26-year-old missionary named Francis Asbury to colonial America. That young man would become the primary Bishop of American Methodism. After 45 years of effective leadership and anointed ministry, the Methodist Church had captured the hearts of nearly 30% of the entire U.S. population.


In 1903, a Methodist minister named W. B. Fitzgerald summarized our beliefs in a book titled The Roots of Methodism. Fitzgerald’s concise catechism of Methodism has been called, “the Four Alls of Methodism.”

  1. All Men Need to be Saved.

  2. All Men Can Be Saved.

  3. All Men Can Know they are Saved.

  4. All Men Can Be Saved to the Uttermost.

Our Pastors

Four Pastors

From Left: Brian Fuller, Christian Claycomb, Jeremy Fuller, and Jeffery Neidermyer

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